Back-to-School Nostalgia for Moms Who Grew Up in the 90's!

August 20, 2017

If you're anything like me, the back-to-school season brings up feelings of nostalgia from my childhood days of taking those first steps onto the school bus or entering my classroom for the first time.  Now as a mom, this time of year is of course very different. In some ways it makes me miss the back-to-school "staples" that any child of the nineties knows and loves.  Here is a top five list of my personal favorite back-to-school items from childhood!

1.  Five Star Notebooks and Other Supplies:  Crucial to academic success, Five Star notebooks were the highest quality of school supplies.  They withstood being shoved in backpacks, lockers and desks.  Most importantly they made those classy 3 ring trapper keepers that held everything and proved to all of your friends that you were ready for a 4.0 GPA kind of a year.

2.  Anything from Wet Seal, Contempo Casuals or Delias.  These clothing companies were the pinnacle of fashion for any nineties girl.  These were the spots were you found anything from chunky heels, to baby tees and glitter eye shadow!  You knew you were looking good after a shopping trip to one of these stores.

3.  A Disc-Man:  For those of us with long bus rides, a disc man was a staple in every backpack.  It provided you with a bit of solace from the screaming students on the bus and also gave you a chance to show your peers how alternative you were when you flashed a Green Day or Offspring CD! 

4.  Bonnie Bell Products:  Every nineties girl started with Lip Smacker products and ended with the more mature Lip Shades.  These products were found in the backpacks and purses of girls from age 10 through age 16.  Let's face it though, even when you were the right age for Lip Shades, you still preferred the root beer flavored Lip Smackers above anything else.

5.  Bath and Body Works:  It was a big deal when Bath and Body Works came to my town's mall.  Every teen and tween girl stocked up on the latest scents like Fresia, Juniper Breeze, Country Apple or Happy Daisy!  You used the scents depending on your mood and definitely carried them with you in your Jansport backpack for a scent touch up throughout the day.  

What are your favorite nineties back-to-school memories?