Showing Thanks with Gratitude Cards

By Meredith Hettler November 12, 2017

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  That means delicious food, family traditions, parades, Turkey Trots and more!  It  is also the perfect opportunity to teach your children about thankfulness and how to show gratitude.  

Here is a simple craft to begin teaching your little ones about expressing gratitude!

Gratitude Cards

Gratitude cards are exactly as they sound!  They are cards that express our feelings of thankfulness towards our loved ones.  They also help the card's creator understand what it means to be grateful or thankful for those in their lives.


Construction Paper 




Any other decorations you would like


Start by talking about the meaning of thankfulness and how we express gratitude.  I read The Giving Tree at the start of the activity and followed up with questions about what giving, gratitude and thankfulness mean.  

Introduce the craft by picking a recipient for the card.  Encourage your child to identify things about the recipient that they are thankful for.  

Start creating!  The card can be made any way you and your child like.  We started by identifying who the card was for (Daddy, of course!) and wrote "I am thankful for..." on the cover.  

Inside, we made a "gratitude list" that outlined "Things about Daddy that we are grateful for."  My 3-year old daughter stated that she was most grateful for "Daddy's hugging, playing, laughing and smelling like soap!"

Give the card to its recipient!