Simple Thank You's that Only Mom's Would Appreciate

By Meredith Hettler November 19, 2017

Being a parent is certainly a roller coaster of ups and downs.  It's a whirlwind of highs and lows.  There are happy days and tough days.  Times of pure joy and times of utter exhaustion.  

With all of daily hardships and excitements that go into raising tiny humans, I must say that I've come to truly believe in the saying "it takes a village."  And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I encourage everyone to say thank you to those in your life who are part of your village and taking this parenting journey with you.  

Today, however I would like to take a few moments to give a shout out to the unsung heroes who are on my parenting journey whether they know it or not.  I want to say thanks to the "village" of people, places and things that help me raise my children everyday and those whose make this busy mom's life just a little bit easier!  

Here it goes.....

Thank you Target.  You were there for me during both of my pregnancies  You supported me by way of cute maternity clothes, lots of supplies and a wonderful array of nursery decor.  You have been a stable presence in my life.  Always being there for me during my crock pot phase, my smoothie phase and now my "crafty mom" phase. 

You are my "go to" when I have no idea what I'm going to do with my kids.  Your $1.00 section got me through the trials and tribulations of potty training.  And your staff....they didn't bat an eye that time my daughter had an accident right in the middle of the store.  In fact they responded with "No worries, this happens every day."  

And the stickers!  

Thank you for giving my kids stickers every time we visit!  The stickers are sometimes the only thing that get them out of the car and into your store!

Thank you Southbury & Woodbury Parks.  A constant staple in our lives.  They not only provide an outlet for my kids to release energy but also an outlet for me!  They're a great place to meet other moms, get some fresh air and a little relief knowing that the kids are going to pass out as soon as I get home!  ​

Thank you Ovens of France:  Thank you for being open at 6:00 AM and having free coffee before 8:00 AM.  When my daughter wakes up at 4:45 AM and the idea of waiting until 8:00 AM for the rest of the world to come to life feels a little bit daunting, I can always count on you to open your doors for us and fill my heart and belly with the warmth and comfort of a chocolate croissant.

Thank you Hines Brothers:  You have a full service gas station...I don't have to get out of the car.  For those five minutes while my tank is filling up, I can sit in my car with absolutely nothing to do.  It's amazing.

Thank you Business and Shipping Center of Southbury:  Second shout to this business, but they really are a life saver for me!  I am a constant patron of the Business and Shipping Center.  They always help me with my packages and even go so far as meeting me at my car so I don't have to unload the kids!  #momwin  

Thank you Netflix and Ice Cream:  Knowing that both Netflix and ice cream exist and are waiting for me once my children go to bed is often the only thing that gets me through those rough days!  

Thank you Netflix for Orange is the New Black and allowing me to binge watch Scandal.  Thank you ice cream for just being delicious!  

Thank you other Moms:  Thank you for just "getting it." Thank you for picking my kid up when they fall at the park and I couldn't get there in time.  Thank you for having a wipe, diaper, tissue, extra pair of pants, etc...when I don't.  Thank you for sharing tips and stories and reminding each other that it's going to be okay.  Thank you for sharing laughs and not judging when my kid or your kid screams during story time.  Thanks for the quick glance at one another in Target that simply says "I got you girl"