Super Simple Holiday Decoration Ideas

Perfect for Little Kids!

By Meredith Hettler December 3, 2017

Yesterday, my family marked the start of the holiday season by picking out our Christmas tree, displaying our Menorah and decorating for the 2017 holiday season.  I love so many things about this time of year, but one of my favorite things is reliving my childhood memories through the ornaments and decorations I've collected or made throughout the years. 

As I unwrapped a lifetime of memories and placed them on the tree and within our home, I realized that this year was extra special because my oldest daughter was finally big enough to make ornaments of her own and include them within our holiday traditions.  The ornaments that she made are simple, precious and will hopefully follow her into adulthood and be part of the traditions and decorations she passes to her children.  

For anyone looking for a super simple holiday craft for the little ones, here are quick and easy directions on the ornaments my daughter made.  

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments


1.  Popsicle Sticks (either colored or natural)

2.  Green markers or paint

3.  Sequins, glitter, stickers and other decorations

4.  Glue

5.  Twine or other string


1.  If working with natural Popsicle sticks, color or paint them green.  Let dry.  

2.  Using 3 Popsicle sticks, glue them together in the shape of a triangle.

3.  Decorate!!  Get creative!  Use glitter glue!  Have fun!  

4.  Once the tree is dry.  Tie a string around the top so it can be used as an ornament.