J-E-T-S Jets, Jets Jets!!

By Meredith Hettler December 3, 2017

Last week my daughter and I, along with other Macaroni Kid families, had the pleasure of being graciously hosted by the NY Jets as they played the Panthers in a post-Thanksgiving game!  Let me just say, we had a BLAST!  It was so much fun and proved to be much more of a bonding experience than I would have ever expected!  

Here are some of the highlights for our day of football!

We arrived a few hours early and had the opportunity to spend time on the field as the players warmed up.  My daughter is only three years old so she certainly had a unique perspective on the warm ups, the uniforms and the players well-being.  She asked questions about when they would take their naps and how they would get out of their helmets!  She also expressed dismay when I had to break the news to her that she, herself would not be playing in the day's football game!  However, once I told that she would get to eat hot dogs and show off her Jets cheerleading skills, she quickly bounced back!

Along with spending time on the field, we also got to stand in the tunnel and cheer the players on before they entered the field.  What an experience!  The energy in the tunnel was amazing!  Even better, when the players entered the tunnel they took the time to greet many of the children with high fives, hugs and quick conversations before running out onto the field!  It was so cool to see how appreciative the players were of these little kids and the reaction on the kids faces was priceless!  

The game itself was so much fun!  I was very surprised that my daughter was so attentive and interested in what was happening.  She cheered, asked questions and inquired about when we would be attending our next game!  

Finally, I want to give a shout out to ALL of the Jets employees I met last Sunday.  Every employee greeted us with such enthusiasm and care.  They were also beyond accommodating to me, considering I was with such a little kid.  They took a day that was already destined to be fun and made it a true memory.  They ensured we were well taken care of and experienced no trouble or difficulty as we navigated everything from the parking lot to the stadium and beyond!

Overall, thank you JETS for such a great day!  You certainly have a new fan in my 3 year old daughter and you will see us again in the near future!