Paint Night at Maison St. Germain

By Meredith Hettler December 17, 2017

Have you been to Maison St. Germain in Woodbury?  If not, you need to go.

Maison St. Germain is an antique/vintage store found in Middle Quarter Mall right off of Main Street in Woodbury.  They have an eclectic inventory full of redesigned furniture, clothing, gifts, housewares and accessories.  I would describe the style of the store as "vintage, country chic" with a lot of fun!

The store is owned by a mother-daughter duo who describe themselves as "creativity ninjas" and they certainly are!  Not only does the store provide tons of awesome items for your house, they also host special events and offer creative-services to revamp your home or furniture!  

About a month ago I saw on Facebook that Maison St. Germain was hosting a paint night.  As a lover of paint nights and self-described "wannabe artist", I obviously signed up.  I have to say, out of the many paint nights I've attended, this was one of my favorites!  

The event was hosted by Debra and Nicole, the store owners, and held right in the store itself.  They provided us with a great set-up for our painting endeavors including brushes, a canvas, paints, snacks and a nice long table for everyone to sit, relax and chat while painting.  There were about six women in attendance and within five minutes we all went from strangers to friends joking, laughing and complimenting each other's painting skills.

Debra was our teacher for the evening and walked us through free-hand painting a fall pumpkin scene.  Her style of teaching was relaxed and encouraging.  She was very helpful and explained many tips and tricks to painting that a novice such as myself doesn't always know.  When Debra was busy helping another student, I could count on her daughter Nicole to jump in and answer any painting questions that I or anyone else had!  

Not only were Debra and Nicole super helpful and great teachers, they both encouraged us to express our creative selves and use any color scheme or canvas size we wished.  It was a nice opportunity to learn painting skills while adding personal touches to my work! 

So how did my painting turn out?  Well somehow, it turned out really well!  Maybe it was the ambiance, maybe it was the teachers or maybe it was just luck, but my painting looked really good!  It was the perfect completion to a really fun night!  With that being said, if you like to paint, if you like spending time with a friends (new and old) or if you want a fun night out in a cool store, definitely go to Maison St. Germain!  I'm sure I will see you there at some point!