Eating Right This Spring

Monkey Bar Gym tells us everything we need to know about nutrition and healthy eating

By Meredith Hettler April 1, 2018

Despite the fact that we are expecting snow in the forecast tomorrow, we are starting to see signs that spring is right around the corner!  

During the winter months, I find myself in a hibernation mode.  To be specific, my health and fitness regimen tends to go down the tubes during the holidays.  After that, January and February are a slow climb back into healthy habits with a few slip ups in March/April that look like chocolate Easter bunnies and jelly beans!

Come late April I find myself wanting to get active, put away the winter comfort foods and replace them with healthy habits that will keep me energized and ready to enjoy the warm weather.  Of course, I'm no nutrition expert so there are times when my best intentions don't always translate into healthy eating!

Fortunately, Christopher Ryan of Woodbury's Monkey Bar Gym is here to help those of us who are looking to learn healthy eating habits this spring and beyond!

If you aren't familiar, Monkey Bar Gym is a new and innovative fitness experience that provides not only small group exercise/self-defense classes like boot-camp and Krav Maga, but it also supports its members in learning about nutrition, diet and healthy eating.  

In fact, nutrition is so ingrained in the MBG fitness experience that it is part of the gym's philosophy known as MBG3 (Natural Training, Restoration Yoga and Plant-Based Nutrtion).  

As MBG's website explains, plant-based nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle for the following reasons:

1. Plant-based nutrition nurtures a healthy body

2. It reduces impact on the planet. 

3.  It creates a lean body, reduces inflammation and helps you feel more energized.​

So how do you get started with creating healthy eating habits?  Take a look at these five tips from Christopher at Monkey Bar Gym.  You will surely feel ready to hit the grocery store and begin the journey to nutritious and healthy eating!

Monkey Bar Gym's Top 5 Tips on Healthy Eating

1.  Stick to real whole organic fruit and vegetables.

2.  Look for real foods and try to stay away from products in a bag or a can.

3.  When shopping for meats, be aware that animal protein sources should come from all natural and organic farms using no steroids, no antibiotics, no bovine growth hormones and not fed with GMO’s

4.  Purchase GMO free products.  Not sure whether something has GMO's in it?  Just check the packaging.  CT law states GMO’s must be announced on the packaging.

5.  Shop the outskirts of the grocery stores where the REAL food is generally stocked ie; Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Fish & Dairy.

Last but not least....

Keep it Simple!!!

Ready to take the next step in your fitness/nutrition regimen?  Check out Monkey Bar Gym's website and sign up for your first class today!