Macaroni Kid Sunday Mom's Group

By Meredith H. April 22, 2018

Since moving to the greater Southbury area, I've had the opportunity to meet tons of awesome moms.  Be it at preschool drop-off, dance class, the park or grocery store, I seem to find myself chatting it up with other local mom's about parenting, social activities, funny mom stories, life and more.  This got me thinking about how fun it would be to offer up an opportunity for us moms to get together, make new friends or spend time with the old ones.

Introducing...Macaroni Kid Sunday Mom's Group!

Each month MK will schedule a mom's meetup complete with a fun/interesting topic to chat and the opportunity to snack on food/drinks at a variety of local hot spots!  Coming up in May we will be talking all things fitness and we will be scheduling our June meetup soon, so keep an eye out on Facebook and in the MK Calendar for dates/times!

Hope to see you there!